#WhyILovePeplink: Connectivity at Sea with the MAX HD2 Dome

FrontierUS Pepwave MAX HD2 DomeThe Pepwave MAX HD2 Dome mounted on a sailboat mast

Maintaining business-critical connectivity can be a challenge for any location-independent worker. For Chris Pendl, owner of the outdoor recreation- and travel-focused communications consultancy Nomadics, living and working on a sailboat makes it even more difficult. Thanks to Peplink’s cellular SD-WAN technology, though, Unbreakable Connectivity at sea is now achievable.

Chris knows that height is an advantage when establishing a cellular connection on the water. The higher you can place your antenna, the better your signal is likely to be. On a sailboat, the ideal spot is at the top of the mast. Chris’s mast can raise his antenna 70 feet in the air, but that presents yet another challenge.

Most outdoor cellular internet solutions require an antenna connected via cable to a router. Unfortunately, this leads to cable loss—the loss of power along the length of the cable—which weakens the signal. The longer the cable, the greater the loss, and the less reliable the signal. A cable long enough to reach the top of a sailboat mast will cause significant cable loss.

Fortunately, Peplink has created the Pepwave MAX HD2 Dome dual-cellular router.

Pepwave MAX HD2 solution diagramDiagram of the onboard MAX HD2 Dome and SIM Injector solution

Featuring an innovative design that places its antenna in the same IP67-rated enclosure as the router, the MAX HD2 Dome eliminates the need to connect the two, effectively eliminating cable loss. Powered by 802.3at (PoE+), it requires only a single Ethernet cable, for which cable loss is minimal. And with two cellular radios and space for four SIM cards (two active and two redundant), the MAX HD2 Dome offers the full failover capability of SpeedFusion-powered SD-WAN.

Of course, for someone who is almost constantly on the move, even four SIM cards might not be enough. Peplink’s SIM injector adds 8 more SIM slots, and with PoE output, can be connected via the MAX HD2 Dome’s single Ethernet cable.

Pepxim SIM InjectorThe Pepxim SIM Injector

With a connection powered by the Pepwave MAX HD2 Dome and SIM injector, Chris can keep connected, and keep working, wherever the winds take him.

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