Why would anyone need more than one Public IP address (per WAN Connection)?


Please help me understand this issue….

When the Peplink becomes the authoritative DNS server, and inbound load balancing is properly configured, why would anyone need more than one Public IP address (one per ISP or one per WAN connection)?

You only need one Public IP address because you will tell the registrar the Name and IP address of your balance name server and that is really the ONLY IP address(s) you really need! That is, one IP address per ISP/WAN connection. Am I correct?

Please advise!

Dale Allen


I’d like to have a conversation… (sorry, if I misunderstood from you)

  1. Multiple Public IP required on One ISP connections: You have 2 or more services using THE SAME UDP/TCP port (like HTTP-TCP/80, SMTP-TCP/25, DNS-UDP/53, HTTPS-TCP/443…) to be published to the public via One Internet connection, then you MUST have 2 or more Public IP address.

  2. Multiple Public IP required on Several ISP connections: DNS protocol is well defined and it can tolerate the faults one the Internet connections. You may think of the senarios when you have only one Internet connection, if some fault occurs, your business is interrupted, your domain is no longer available. So at least Two connections with at least Two STATIC public IP addresses are required for Both DNS and for Online services.