Why not use the new DPI engine to provide better QoS?

Since there is a new DPI engine in firmware 7.0.1. It would be nice to use it to provide better QoS. For example, a queue management system based on priorities (with more than 3 levels of priorities, or even minimum and maximum bandwidth percentage for each level).

Yesterday I was trying to watch Netflix while downloading some stuff through torrents. I have torrents on low priority. Netflix is probably passing as normal because the current system does not identify it. I had to close the torrents because they were sucking all the bandwidth.

I know it is hard to do QoS on downloads from our end, but a good QoS system would put Netflix ACKs on the top of the queue and purposely delay torrent ACKs to achieve the desired balance. Consumer grade routers, like Asus, do that using queue management and Trendmicro DPI engine.