Why is the Custom "DynDNS" implementation so bad?


after hours of testing i have to say that the Dyndns implementation in the current 8.2.x FW is a joke.

I am talking especially for the Custom DNS Service setting.

  1. Its not possible to tell/force the router to make a https request, and not an oldschool http request
  2. After a http request was made and a 301 redirect answer from the DynDNS service provider was received, the router is not reaching out again following that redirect url and using https
  3. Its not possible to give any custom parameters to the url, as soon as you add a ’ ?’ char after the url like ’ update.cgi?name=xxx’ , the router response with an ‘invalid url’ message.

So, can we please have an update here as soon as possible to

  1. Have https requests as the default method, maybe with a checkmark ‘secure’ or so. Similar to the InTouch url entry to choose between https/http …

  2. Make it possible to use urls that contains extra data

  3. Having variables for the url like ‘update.cgi?user=###USER###&pass=###PASS###&…’ that are replaced by the content entered in the ‘Username’ & ‘Password’ field.

I was really shaking my head when we tried to get this working with a customer and a custom DynDNS service. Thats such a standard task for a router that should not give us such a headache.


Best regards,
Martin Lang - MEB Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH


Not a single comment from the PepLink team on this topic?

We’re not using the Dynamic DNS features locally on the devices, as the Find My Peplink feature in inControl2 works really well. We’ve only used No-IP in the past and back then it worked fine, we just didn’t want to pay for yet another service for just that feature when we went above their free tier limit.

Do you have an active inControl2 license? You can easily setup Find My Peplink with all devices that you have inside it. It even makes Dynamic addresses for all different WANs a unit has.

Hey Daniel, thanks for your response.

Yes we are aware of this option in InControl2. But,

  • doing a DynDNS update for Custom Servers is a really fundamental feature of a router, that should not require an additional licences service like InControl
  • we are running our own DynDNS servers with advanced SMS notifications, etc.

So what we really need in all Peplink routers is a robust and working Custom DynDNS solution with https and Custom URL integration.

Best regards,

inControl is a lot more than just the Find My Peplink feature. For us it’s one of the reasons we went with Peplink and not other brands. It offers a lot of deep monitoring tools and keeps getting better and they keep adding new features to it.

Over the years we’ve tried several brands and systems and don’t remember seeing any of them having any custom Dynamic DNS options, just the few known providers out there. It’s one of the reasons we were using No-IP because of that before.

You could try making a support ticket and file it as a bug, not sure if it’s supposed to work with special characters.

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Hello @meb ,
This might come as a surprise to you, though you will most likely find that no vendor in the world is going to be continuing to support or develop support for any DynDNS services.

Oracle has officially communicated about the closure of the DynDNS services to its partners and users with repeated emails over the past few months, and we have previously posted that correspondence here in the Peplink Community Forum ( Another good reason to use SpeedFusion with FusionHub - Oracle announced Dyn DNS services shutting down in 2020 ), Oracle has extended the shutdown date several times, this is unlikely to get extended again.

Here is an extract from the latest email received from Oracle.

From: OracleDyn Customer Success [email protected]
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2023 at 02:36
Subject: Reminder Service End-Of-Life on 31 May 2023 Please Take Action
Dear Customer,
We are 4 months away from the Dyn Managed DNS services End-of-Life (EOL) date of 31 May 2023…
To ensure the continuity of your DNS service please plan to migrate to … another provider prior to 31 May 2023 as Dyn Managed DNS services will not continue after this date…

As an alternative;

  • You can use the InControl2 dynamic IP address system
  • One of the alternative dynamic DNS options that are supported within the Peplink|Pepwave routers.

FYI, we are migrating every DynDNS service away from Oracle; most are implementing SpeedFusion managed via InControl2; we are almost done, and only a few customer systems remain to complete.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thank you, but this is not about the DynDNS service itself from dyn.com(oracle). The wording “DynDNS” is a general wording for a custom dynamically updatable DNS service. As i pointed out above, we are running our own “dyndns” servers. The peplink routers just need a little update on the current implementation to be up2date with https and custom urls. Like for example, take the Draytek routers, the gui for a custom “dyndns” entry:

So please don’t pin this down to a specific dynamic dns service vendor, its a general approach.


Best regards,

Hello @meb,
FYI, DynDNS is a registered trademark of DYN, Inc and is now owned by Oracle Corporation.

For clarity, when referring to other Dynamic DNS providers, the industry professionals/suppliers/integrators will write “Dynamic DNS” as seen in the image you supplied from another vendor and not use the trademark unless explicitly referring to the use of the brand/technology/service of “DynDNS”.

We supply/work with many other brands, and the naming always respects the registered trademarks, so we can all be clear on the dynamic service getting referred to. Check with your own legal; from what we can see, Peplink has everything written correctly, as do other vendors like the example you submitted.

Simple solution, get yourself a FusionHub (or another suitable Peplink router) hosted in a major data centre and use SpeedFusion; from what we have experienced, you will be free of any requirements for a Dynamic DNS service. We have also done this inside closed networks, which has been better than a Dynamic DNS service every time.

So maybe Peplink could do better with their other Dynamic DNS integrations, though why bother when a SpeedFusion setup is better than any of those every time?

  • SpeedFusion handles changing IPs
  • SpeedFusion handles multiple pathways
  • SpeedFusion Is cost beneficial
  • SpeedFusion adds extra layers of cyber security (when setup correctly)
  • SpeedFusion can be done with or without cloud infrastructure
  • SpeedFusion can be done with physical or virtual infrusturcute
  • SpeedFusion can be done inside closed networks (no public internet access)
  • SpeedFusion can be deployed with Carrier Grade NAT in place (and all other NAT we have found to date)
  • SpeedFusion is respectful of all Firewalls we have worked on
  • SpeedFusion removes the need to host or subscribe to any Dynamic DNS service/provider

We have yet to see a case where a correct setup SpeedFusion is not better than any Dynamic DNS options. Yes, we still have a couple of customers on DynDNS, though we are ecstatic about migrating those finally away from any future requirements for any form of Dynamic DNS. Maybe Peplink could remove the Dynamic DNS functionally from future versions of firmware; with the correct implementation of SpeedFusion, the need for a Dynamic DNS is no longer required.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: