Why InControl Account Required to Upgrade Firmware

If this question has already been vetted here I apologize up front. Wasn’t really sure what string to search on in past threads. ;>

Over the past several years we have been able to easily and unceremoniously download fw upgrades for these wonderful machines. Last download was for a Balance 30, fw v6.3.0.

Just updated a Balance 30 to 6.3.2 and upon boot now being told to unlock the firmware. The necessary steps to unlock what I am reminded as being free firmware do not look all that appetizing.

Is there any good technical reason for having done this? Who exactly is “in control” once you add your device to InControl. My paranoid mind tells me this is a step to track my peplink devices. At a minimum. My raging paranoia is justified only in that is the trend for nearly every darn online activity known to man.

Fellow IT professionals, I am mistaken, right? InControl is all about putting us in control. I can dispense with my delirium?



Believe you are referring to the steps on how to “obtaining free firmware license key”:


Basically this is just a quick steps for customer to obtaining the free license key instead of customer need to open a support ticket for the request.

There is nothing hidden for the request as InControl2 is a cloud management solution to manage Peplink devices. For more information, you may refer to the URL below:

Active Hardware warranty/InControl2 subscription is required inorder the device can be manage by the system.

You can easily remove the devices from InControl2 management after you had obtained the free license keys.

You can also open a support ticket to request the license key if you find the steps is not convenience to you.

Thank you

Perfect. Thank you.