Which version of FusionHub and Balance?

Hi everyone. I have a customer that is getting 100Mbps symmetrical dedicated fibre and wants Cable at 150/20 for fail over. They need their IPs to work in a failure so we were going to put FusionHub in the ISPs IaaS infrastructure so that becomes their IP and SpeedFusion can do hot fail over.

I was wondering if anyone would recommend what version of FusionHub you would use and what Balance device you would use at the customer Edge. I’m curious if the Essential is enough or if the Pro is more recommended, as well as a suggested Balance device. This is for single site fail over, internet only. Thanks!

Hello psychobunny,

The FusionHub license that you’d want to pick depends on a few factors. If the customer is going to be using the full 100Mbps upload and download, you’d probably want to go with the FusionHub Pro license as this allows for a 200Mbps throughput. If the customer isn’t going to be maxing out the data throughput you may be able to get by with an Essential License. Another factor that you’ll want to take into account is the number of connections to the FusionHub. The Essential allows for up to 5, while the Pro allows for up to 20. More information about the number of users and throughput per license can be found here.

When deciding what Balance you’[ll want to go with you’ll want to keep a few factors in mind, like the number of users, if the client requires WiFi, if they will need VPN connections, etc. We have a Model Comparison on our site here.

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