Which router for 500Mbps or 1Gbps cable failover to single LTE?


Hi everyone,

We have 3 office locations, 2 of them have 500/50 cable and the one has 1000/50. We were looking at the MAX series routers as we just wanted an inexpensive way to fail over to single LTE if there’s an outage. All the BR1’s show 100Mbps throughput with the ENT version being just 300Mbps. It says not software limited and for sizing purposes only so just wondering mainly about the 500Mbps cable connection if the ENT or even any other model of BR1 would support that at all? We would never be sustaining 500Mbps all the time or anything like that but just hate paying for 500 if we’ll only get 100-300. Just curious if say I was the only one on the network what I’d expect to get on a speed test using any of these devices. Thank you so much.


Hi. While it would depend what your other requirements are, we’d probably start by looking at the Balance series rather than the Max. See – https://www.peplink.com/products/balance/model-comparison/. It appears that a Balance One Core or 305 may meet your requirements but it would be difficult to tell without more information. Each of the Balance series has a USB port to which can be attached a 4G cellular modem. And, one can see the devices hat have been tested here – https://www.peplink.com/technology/4g3g-modem-support/ (which is not to say that other devices not listed would not work or may not work in the future.)

One could also use a MAX series router such as the Max BR1 Mini LTEA to “feed” one (or more) of the WAN ports of a Balance. And, if your throughput requirements exceed what these “simple” solutions can do for you there are much higher-end alternatives available.


We only use Cisco and already have that all in place so Balance 305 is too overkill for us as I don’t want to replace our primary routers as we have SmartNet with Cisco already on a multi year term. That’s why we were looking at the BR series as just something to add in the line to handle the failover using drop in mode without having to change anything. I know the Balance does drop in mode also but way too expensive for our needs as we are a small business. Thanks for the assistance!