Which product? Need LTE, WIFi Bridge, or ethernet WAN

Looking for a unit that will bridge a wifi connection for wan, lte failover, and will support a wired WAN connection.

We run events, and all locations are different. Some venues provide a wifi connection, some provide a wired connection, and some do not have anything.

Just looking for a internet only device, as we have a private network that will utilize this connection.


MAX Transit Duo (CAT12) or the single CAT 18 modem MAX Transit version is what gets used a lot for this kind of application.

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Would a Max Transit Mini do the job?

Anyone? Thanks

Will it do the job? Yes I guess.

It only has 2.4Ghz wifi (no 5Ghz) and at 100Mbps router throughput compared to a Transit at 400Mbps is markedly slower.

You can only get a CAT4 modem in the Tranist Mini also.
Comparison here: Peplink.com - Model Comparison

Throughput isn’t an issue for what we are doing. I need cellular, wifi that can connect to a venues wifi for internet like the Pepwave Device Connector IP55 does, and 110v power. I didn’t see the wifi connector option on the mini.

Thank you.

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I would always prefer to be able to use 5Ghz for connecting to public WifI like that.
Consider the MAX BR1 MK2 if that is important for you.

Good luck!

Thank you, i prefer 5ghz also.