Which peplink model would support reaching IPMI on the LAN?

we have a whole pile of Pepwave Surf SOHO units, but i can’t figure out how to be able to visit the IPMI ports of a server on the LAN side. i have a supermicro server that has a dedicated IPMI port, and i can easily assign a static IP, lets say it is, and i want when the moment arises to allow external access to that machine. I can port forward the selected ports, but how to turn this on and off more gracefully. when an emergency arises you need to be able to tunnel into the machine and see the screen and access the keyboard/mouse. that is the whole point of iPMI for emergency access. but it is a security risk to allow people on the outside to ping and see the IPMI computers, because they have really bad versions of linux that are filled with giant security holes, so it is super dangerous to leave an IPMI computer accessible on the public internet. wondering which peplink product does the best job in this regard. we are using the SOHO pretty effectively. It seems that the surf SOHO is almost a VPN box nowadays, but itsn’t quite there, maybe a higher end box will do the job?