Where to buy?

Is peplink no longer selling any products directly? I was going to buy another AC-One and there is nothing in the Peplink store right now other than warranties. Similarly, I was also thinking of getting a 305, but again, nothing in the store but warranties.


We have moved on to a distribution-centric business model and all of our products are now available through our certified partners:

Feel free to reach out to one of them and let us know if you have any additional questions.

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What does this mean for support? Previously, if you had not bought the product from Peplink directly, you had to get support through the third party vendor (which is less than ideal).

Does this mean that Peplink has changed its support model to support all of their products, regardless of where they have been purchased?

Our certified resellers are fully capable of supporting all of our products and we are here to help with any advanced cases. Customers can always purchase the TotalCare plan directly from us as well, regardless of where they originally bought their device.

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Nuts. As my business has grown, I was planning to upgrade my Peplink 20’s to something like the 305, but none of these resellers are in the Seattle area and are anything but transparent in their pricing.

Hello Mille1j and Xerxes - Our company, Frontier Computer Corp., is the largest Peplink distributor in the US and Europe. We have full stock of all Peplink products as well as full internal support from our 5 Peplink Certified engineers. I would be happy to help with all your needs. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks, Mike Maitland

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