Where is the InControl 2 documentation?

I am just getting started with my first Peplink device (SOHO Surf MK3 w/FW 6.3.3) and have started using InControl 2.

Where is the documentation? The app itself appears to have no help links or tooltips. There does not appear to be any documentation available separately on the downloads page or in the knowledge base.

InControl 2 is billed as being intuitive, it is not entirely self-evident, particularly with respect to the configuration of VLAN networks and Wi-Fi AP (which also appear mostly undocumented.) For example, I was surprised to find that my already configured SSID was deleted when turning on Wi-Fi Management in InControl 2.

Where can I find the documentation (or other tutorials) on InControl 2, VLAN, and Wi-Fi AP?



Our InControl2 team has been refining and adding new features to the platform on a regular basis, which is part of the reason any guide that we create gets obsolete fast. In the meantime please feel free to throw any questions here in our forum so we can guide you through any helps you need with our IC2 platform.

As for the overwriting of WiFi configuration, that’s a normal behaviour.
Group level WiFi settings will be pushed down to your devices you’ve registered in a specific group. That is the reason of using IC2 as the centralized platform for managing your devices’ WiFi configuration. You don’t have to configure one device at a time.

VLAN Networks work about the same way. Whatever VLANs you configured will be pushed down to selected devices (either all, predefined tags like Peplink MAX, Peplink Balance, etc, or using custom tags, which you can create by going to the device and clicking on Edit).


Thank you for the explanation, @Kv_Chen!

Something I do not understand is how having NO documentation is a better situation than having documentation with some outdated parts. Surely the past version is not entirely obsolete. As a new customer I am quite surprised by how little documentation there is for your products. Had I known that I would have to spend so much time looking for it and trying to guess how the product is supposed to work, it would have given me more reconsideration before purchasing.

Instead of producing your documentation in Microsoft Word and publishing it as a static PDF, have you considered putting your documentation in:

  • an online database such as the Peplink Knowledgebase?
  • embedding it in the product itself with contextual help menus or tooltips (the firmware has this.)

Just getting started in this community, it feels like you do have a lot of long-term users, but your products are now getting a lot of publicity, especially related to security, and you have new customers coming. When new users are also successful users, they are happy users and tell others to buy your products.

Isn’t more documentation going to create more successful users?

I would say that for IC2 we’re still at the refining stage, and as for the rest of the products, like Balance and MAX routers, since documentations is based on firmware and not product models, you should be able to find most of them at the same location as their respective firmware download page…

Rest assured that we have been constantly refining how we can better bring information across to our users. In fact, our knowledge-based section gets regularly updated with new stuffs, as well as article on frequently encountered problems among other things.

Of course, we’re always open to more suggestion. Do keep them coming if you have anything in mind.

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I am a new users and minimal hacking abilities, so documentation is useful. I am looking for an answer (simple or otherwise) on why I can’t see my device when I add it to IC2. I can’t believe it’s rocket science, but it seems so to me.

How do I add a device to IC2 so it’s visible and I can manage it?

What’s the trick?