When Cold Max Transit CAT18 takes 30 minutes to Power Up

When the case is cool to the touch and after 30 minutes with the power plugged in, my new Max Transit CAT18 Status LED remains red. However, once the case is warmer and when the power is removed and plugged back in it will power up. Should I be concerned or is this typical for the Max Transit CAT 18?

Sounds like a mechanical issue to me - maybe a dry joint somewhere.
That’s not normal behaviour for the Transit. Hot or cold it should be online within 4-6mins from power on.

Is it new?

Yes, I got it a week ago and this is its consistent behavior.

I would suggest speaking with your Peplink partner to get their input but it feels like a likely return to me.

They’ll ask you to grab a diagnostic report file from the MAX once it has started (download that from its status page) so that engineering can review and approve the return.

That’s really bad luck. I have literally setup hundreds of MAX Transits and never had an issue like that on a new device.

Thanks much Martin. I worked with my provider yesterday, did a factory reset, provided the Diagnostic Report and enabled remote access. I did not hear from him today so opened a ticket on the Peplink site. I’ll direct him to our Forum chat.

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