What's the time of configuration synchronization between the matser and the slave units


I configured the HA between two peplink 710 units for a client and I synchronized the configuration between the master and the slave automatically. When i do some configuration in the master i have to synchronize it manually between the units.

The client would like that the configuration must be automatically every time without any administrative charge when he do some changes in the master unit.

That’s a limitation in peplink balance?

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I took a screenshot of the HA knowledge base guide. Basically once Config Sync is enabled. All changes made on the Master Peplink will automatically be applied to the slave unit.

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I did it when i configured my HA and the configuration is synchronized from the master to the slave. But the client would like to have this synchronization automatically every time when he change or add a new configuration in the master unit. It’s is possible?

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I apologize for the confusion. I am not 100% sure of the time that it takes for the Slave to receive the update from the Master. I don’t believe that it is automatic. I will escalate this to get a answer for you to determine how long it takes the Slave to apply the update when changes are made on the Master.

Thank you very much Jarid, I’m waiting.

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Regarding the configuration sync. Slave unit should receive the configuration changes from Master unit in 5 minutes. For example, if something is changed in Master unit, Slave unit will get the updated configuration in 5 minutes.

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Have you any official link or document for that?

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We have updated this in the following FAQ

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