What usb modem is compatible with peplink balance and AT&T 4g service ( not lte)

AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4GWill this specific usb modem work with the Peplink Balance 20?

It is not in your supported list, and I don’t want to purchase and commit unless I have a reasonable expectation that it will work.

The guide doesn’t help since it implies that I must test the modem, and then begin the process of getting it supported if it fails?

If the referenced modem does not work … is there one that does?

I’m in an area that does not have LTE, but does have At&T’s “4g” via a faster version of 3g ?

So, I need a usb modem that is compatible with the peplink balance, and At&T

Pleas advise.

What I recommend is that you do the following procedure, it is a bit boring I know, but at least you’ll be able to have a greater certainty, and the staff are always very helpful.

Submit a support ticket (http://www.peplink.com/contact/support/) and provide the following information:
Your Country
Your Service Provider
Your Modem Manufacturer and Model
A Diagnostic Report file (Instructions)

In Type of Inquiry: select: 3G Modem Support

Any questions, feel free :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone else finds this thread. The AT&T Momentum is a Sierra 313U, and works very well.

I had to do a firmware upgrade on the balance 20, download the Siearra watcher application and change the startup/shutdown option to do nothing ( see Peplink/Pepwave Router Compatibility Chart )

But, after doing that, I am now able to use the connection via the peplink balance 20 … and am very happy.

Thanks for sharing the info, appreciate that.