What To Use To Repeat 3 Separate WIFI VLAN Signals From Surf SOHO MK3?

I’m considering purchasing a Surf SOHO MK3 for to cover a 4-story, 3000-square-foot building (750/floor) because I love the idea of a consumer-ease router that can let me set up truly separate WiFi networks (one for “trusted computers,” one for “guests,” one for “Internet of Things devices”).

However, I’m not sure there will be a convenient place in the building to put the MK3 to cover everywhere that I’ll want WiFi.

What product do you recommend for “repeating” 3 distinct Wi-Fi SSIDs?
(I know there are plenty of consumer devices in the world that can do this, but I just played with a “repeater” from Home Depot that was just plain embarrassing on security - I couldn’t even change its administrative login from “admin/admin.” Looking to see what Peplink recommends!)

Thanks so much.

For a 4 storey building you should consider having access points on each floor.
For example, have “main” storey with Surf SOHO, and run 3 cables to each of the floor, connecting to an AP One AC Mini.