What to expect as thruput

I have a Mk3 soho…using my iPad speed test the access point is 100+ Mbps, but my soho WiFi measures start 16 to 25. Both are 5g

What’s causing the slow down…where do I look?

To be clear. I assume you are using wifi wan on the soho right? So you’re testing direct to a 3rd party access point and comparing througput on an iPad (which one?) and the Soho. On the SOHO test I assume the ipad is connected to the soho and the soho is connected to the 3rd party AP?

What wifi channels are the 3rd party AP using compared to the SOHO AP?

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The AP is a netgear nighthawk that is connected to cable modem and is my WiFi…
In my motor home I have the soho that severs both 2g and 5g for tv computers etc.

When sitting in the Motorcoach I can select either the AP or the soho…

The speed of the AP is 100 Mbps vs 64 from the soho

AP channel is 153
Soho channel is AUTO

Using iPad Pro with iOS 13…

I’m pretty sure the Soho’s ability to to WiFi WAN and act as a WiFi AP is a trick where the radio is used for one role then the other switching really fast (Time Division Multiplexing). As such, the available bandwidth over the WIFI connection is being divided between the communication LAN side to your iPad and WAN side to the Nighthawk.

Try connecting a wired device like a laptop to the SOHO LAN and see what you get then.


Well…that’s not an option to far apart…guess I will live with it for now and look for a better solution long term

Thanks for comments


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