What port(s) is/are used by smartphone apps to talk to Peplink devices

What ports are used by your smartphone apps to talk to Peplink devices? Not so concerned about Peplink outbound to a smartphone, more concerned about a smartphone sending unsolicited input to a Peplink device.

Also, is traffic to/from your smartphone apps and your devices encrypted?


Hi Michael,

By Smartphone apps I assume that you’re referring to our Router Utility?
It uses the same port as Web Admin Port, which you can set in the System->Admin Security->Admin Settings->Web Admin Port.
Above Web Admin Port you’ll also find Security setting. If HTTP is selected, the traffic is in plain text; if HTTPS is selected the traffic will be encrypted.

Yes, I was referring to the router utility.
This was a stupid question, as the initial setup of the software on both iOS and Android requires the specification of a port number.