What is the difference?

Why are there two a model and What is the difference?

peplink 380

The top one is rack mountable it looks like.

The top picture is an older hardware version and they are both rack mountable, you just don’t see the ears on the bottom photo. Thanks.

why you don’t tell me there is difference for LAN speed i buy one now and i see difference between LAN speed the top one is 10/100 M and lower one is 10/100/1000 M

It caused me a loss
What to do with it now, I want 10/100/1000

why you don’t tell me there is difference for LAN speed i buy one now and i see difference between LAN speed the top one is 10/100 M and lower one is 10/100/1000 M

It caused me a loss
What to do with it now, I want 10/100/1000

I have asked you what are the difference and you only mentioned the ear difference and you didnt menetioned anything about throughput. Now, I have bought the old version based on your answer when my fiber optic faster than the device. I have three lines and each line is 200MBPS. The problem now i can not use the balance 380 and I want you to find me a solution because I bought it based on your answer to my question. You have cost me alot of money and you have me buy a device that won’t do me any good. Please find me a solution.
Im waiting your reply,

I would never recommend to buy older hardware off the second-hand market unless you know exactly what you are getting. Our certified partners would only be selling the current hardware versions otherwise they would fully disclose all specs.

Your comments have nothing to do with my situation. I asked you about the difference and your answer was just useless. If you are lazy to answer my question properly you can just sent me a link explain the difference. Plus companies use a different name and number for an updated device not the same name.

You have really made things so complicated and have me lost a lot of money by being lazy to explain the difference and answering my question properly.

Now, would it solve the problem to have an active key for this device and have the throughput to be more than 100MB?

As Tim said, the top device is the older hardware version, the higher device throughput available on the new hardware version is due to the new hardware - you can’t simply apply a license key.
I very much doubt that a certified Peplink partner would be selling the old version now - and even if they still had some kicking about they would definitely have made the differences clear.

If you’re not happy with your purchase I would suggest you should return it to where you bought it from. And BTW, The team at Peplink will always try and help a customer out - wherever they can assist, but calling someone lazy and blaming them for your mistake is not generally the best way to ask for help…

I don’t think this forum has any published rules anywhere - so far it hasn’t needed them, but I’m sure if it did there would be one in there about being polite - always, rudeness will get you nowhere.

Don’t mean to drag out the conversation above, but I have a related question…

Our home office has a 380 hardware version 1 that has been chugging along for a number of years. At that location we have as many as 50 people on computers plus as many as 15 simultanoeus VoIP calls, plus our email server is there with about 60 active accounts (not simultaneously I hope), and another 15 users connecting remotely via PepVPN (three VPN connections). It is fed by two 35x5 internet sources.

At one of our remote sites we have a 380 hardware version 5. The 380 is overkill for that location. There are at most 8 employees on the web, a half dozen customers, maybe 6 VoIP calls. That location could easily be served by a 210 (we use a 210 at another similar location #3).

I am beginning to wonder if the 380v1 at the home office is overworked. I assume the 380v5 has more horsepower? Would it be worth the trouble to swap those two 380 units? If I made the swap, can I do a configuration backup from each, and then restore across different hardware versions? They are currently running firmware 6.2.2 on the 380v1, and 6.3.1 on the 380v5.

Hi Don,

Please find the URL link below for router throughput comparison between Balance 380 Hw1 and Hw5.


The config can be restore from different hardware version. Anyway, we recommend to restore config from older to newer firmware version.

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