What is the difference between a red X and a gray X for a VLAN?

Pepwave Surf SOHO Firmware: 6.3.2 build 2158

When I do network -> network settings, I see a list of my defined VLANs. The last column in the list is an X. Most VLANs have a red X, one is gray. What’s the difference?

When I hover the mouse over the gray X it says “In used by port settings”

The VLAN with the gray X is assigned to an Ethernet port, the others are WiFi and untagged. I checked the Pepwave MAX and Surf User Manual from Aug 2016, but couldn’t find an answer there. Thanks.

Hi Michael,

Gray X
VLAN is not allow to be delete due to the VLAN is tied/used for “other settings”.

You can find the reference settings by hover the mouse over the gray X:

Red X:
You can delete the VLAN. No reference settings is tied/used for the VLAN.

Thank You


Thank you sitloongs.