What is the default antenna usage for Surf SOHO MK3 Router (SUS-SOHO-T)?

Hi! I have a new Peplink Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 Router (SUS-SOHO-T) and am attempting to optimize the position of the WiFi antennas but seem to be lacking some specifications.

The product data sheet (/products/pepwave-surf-soho-specs/) lists the antennas simply as: 3x SMA Dual-band Antennas

The only antenna in the Peplink store that appears to match this is the Dual-Band Wi-Fi Indoor Omni Antenna which is specified as: 5dBi 5.5GHz / 2.5dBi 2.4GHz Indoor Dual-Band Omni Antenna

This appears to be a change from the internal and external configuration of Mark 2 edition: Surf SOHO external antennas clarification needed

How can I get the answers to the following?

  • There are three antenna connectors: A, B, C. How are they used?
    Do they all send and receive or do some exclusively send or receive?
    Do they all transmit both bands or are specific antennas used for specific bands?

  • What are the specific transmission powers for the Output Power settings of Low, Medium, High, and Boost?

  • What is the radiation pattern and orientation of the included antennas? Are they the same 5dBi 5.5GHz / 2.5dBi 2.4GHz Indoor Dual-Band Omni Antenna found in the store?

Where can I find these specifications so that I can best optimize the position of the WiFi antennas?


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Hi Scout! Thanks for supporting of our devices!

Hope the following answer can solve your problems.

  • Surf SOHO MK3 is 3x3 MIMO Router with using the multiple transmit and receive antennas for multiplying the capacity which means the three Antenna send and receive with the same bands to achieve the higher data rate.

  • The output power setting is drop 3dB step by step from the MAX power level.

  • The Antenna usage is the same as the 5dBi 5.5GHz / 2.5dBi 2.4GHz Indoor Dual-Band Omni Antenna found in the store, radiation pattern and orientation can reference to the spec.


Thank you, @Steven_Chow, for the excellent information!

Where is the spec on the antennas to be found, please?

I sent you the antenna spec. Please check your e-mail.

Hi @TK_Liew, can you send me the spec too please?

@Redline, please check your PM.

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Got it, thank you!

@TK_Liew or @Redline: Would you please send me the specs for the 5dBi 5.5GHz / 2.5dBi 2.4GHz Indoor Dual-Band Omni Antenna found in the store, radiation pattern and orientation?

Hello @PepeLeDrew,
Any available Antenna Radiation patterns for Peplink/Pepwave equipment are maintained at this link within the Peplink Forum.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thanks. That’s interesting, but either I don’t understand how to interpret it (entirely possible) or it doesn’t show what I’m trying to figure out. Basically, if I position either a SOHO MK3 or an AP One AC Mini in the center of my two story house on the first floor, how should I arrange my antennas for optimal coverage on the first and second floors (or does it matter)? Should I point the left antenna angled to the left, the middle antenna straight up, and the right antenna angled to the right?

This is how I positioned mine. I can’t say for sure if it made a diff. I’d have to run wifi signal scan before and after but results can be skewed based on many other environmental factors.

But I can say that the 5ghz signal is pretty good throughout the home. My router is located near the ceiling on the main floor against exterior wall somewhat in the middle.

I can hit about -65 upstairs with bedroom doors open. Drops to -75 -80 with doors closed. This in the 5ghz band mind you.

The 2.4 reached better but I have a ton of competing networks in the area, some with overlapping channels, so I left the 2.4 for my guest and IoT networks.

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Thanks, @stego!

Hi there!

Would you please send me the surf soho mk3 antenna spec, too?