What is the application of the GPIO port in the new BR1 Classic?

The new BR1 classic has a serial GPIO port. Here’s how the I/O and I/P ports work:


Left port : This is an I/O port it can be configured as digital input or output.

  • Digital Input - the connection reads the external input and determines whether the setting should be ‘High’ (on) or ‘Low’ (off).
  • Digital Output - when there is a healthy WAN connection, the output pin is marked as ‘High’ (on). Otherwise, it will be marked as ‘Low’ (off).

Right Port : This in an I/P port, which supports digital input only.


Hi Alan,

This looks sweet, but would it also be possible to enable or disable the Wi-if ap inside the unit with this io port.

This would enable us to make a button to fast switch off the WiFi AP internally when needed without accesing the units interface or using ic2 while keeping the rest of the system running. Would be great if this port opens up this possibility.



Peplink Team, can you please confirm which other models support this feature?

@evdovalerie, some of the newer models like Transit Mini, BR1 Pro (HW4), and UBR LTE, are supporting the feature (to a certain extend). You may get more details from the products page, or product announcement section.

Is there any specific model(s) that you are looking at?

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Thanks for your reply. I’m just trying to find something similar to the BR1 Classic that also supports this feature. The BR1 MK2 is also one we were considering.

I’ve also tried to find details about this on the forums and Peplink product pages, but have not had any luck with any specifics. Most of the information just addresses power via the Terminal block and GPIO adapters.

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