What is recommended Users on PePLink or PePWave?



I want to understand the terminology “Recommended Users” in BPL or PePWave.

I am working on one case where user has 180 head counts using Internet and customer is also saying that he has concurrent users only up to 40-50. I was solutioning BPL380 but end customer asked only BPL310.

Abhijit A Kanade


Hi Abhijit,

The recommended user metric on the model comparison pg is not a hard number but more of a sizing help when researching a particular model. There is not a software restriction limiting the number of users on a Balance. I would keep that number in mind and also use the Bandwidth/throughput rating when trying to find an appropriate model. If you do tend to overdrive a model (push it beyond specifications dramatically), you can start to see performance take a hit.


Hi Jason… thanks for your quick revert.

Story is, why should we consider only 1/4th (25%) of actual users. In my case end customer says he has 180 employees provided with laptops but he says the concurrent users will be only 40 to 60.

I wanted to understand the reason behind counting in this fashion.

Abhijit A Kanade


Hi Abhijit,

You should consider concurrent users only. Head counts doesn’t mean anything in sizing the capacity.