What information I need if I am moving entire zone on Peplink

Hi Guys

My registrar and dns hosting provider is not offering NS sub delegation hence I need to move my entire zone on peplink rather than sub-delegating. So, I would need to know what information or precaution I need to take.

  1. How feasible to move entire zone on peplink?
  2. Is it really a wise idea or let my zone on internet and find another registrar who does sub-domain delegation?
  3. Add PTR record for NS servers or peplink WAN interfaces?
  4. Get the entire zone file moved on peplink
  5. Change NS records at registrar and point it at peplink WAN interfaces?

And if my entire zone is moved then I guess I dont need to delegate sub-zone correct? My scenario is like this. I have example.com which is hosted with registrar. I have host ftp.example.com for which I need to delegate the NS records and was going to create zone on peplink but since my registrar is not offering sub-domain delegation as told earlier I am planning to move entire zone on peplink

Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. If you want to have inbound load balancing/failover I would move the entire zone to Peplink.
  2. There might be other advantages to moving the entire zone regarding inbound load balancing/failover.
  3. The Balance can do PTR records if required.
  4. You can test the functionality of the authoritative DNS server before pointing NS records to the Balance.
  5. This would be the final step after confirming everything works OK.