What cellular data plan for br1 mini?

I bought a BR1. What type of cellular plan will the BR1 accept? I have options for voice/data (a sim card for mobile phones) or a data plan for mobile hotspots. What sim card and data plans will work with the BR1? I’m hoping voice/data as I’m already paying for an extra line. This is tmobile

The BR1 will accept any SIM card with any plan that has a data allowance - its not fussy.

The operators can be fussy though.

Those guys will sometimes demand that its a proper data SIM rather than a voice and data sim, and in some places you have to activate hardware against the provider - so it depends a little on where you are and who the operator is.

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Thanks for this. Then I’ll order the sim card from my extra line on my plan I dont use and hopefully get it to work. Maybe I can get by with telling tmobile that it’s not a mobile hotspot because they have the itchy finger of classifying what device it really is.