West Networks provides high quality, secure connectivity to mobile health clinics

Source: https://westnetworks.com/2019/10/18/west-networks-provides-high-quality-secure-connectivity-to-mobile-health-clinics/


We understand the importance of staying connected wherever you are. Whether you’re zooming around town or stationed in the middle of nowhere, roaming from network to network should not equate to downtime and more downtime.


A mobile health coach clinic relies on technology to access patient electronic medical record and send/receive live DICOM/ mammography images. We believe in equipping our customers with best-in-class cellular routers to battle spotty coverage. Comprehensive 3G/4G LTE USB modem support. Embedded SIM slots. Wi-Fi-powered WANs. Wherever you go, whatever you do, our MAX Cellular Routers have you covered. West Networks provides clinics and their mobile extensions a strategic solution utilizing Peplink’s technology to achieve a higher quality, more secure internet connection. Utilizing Peplink’s SpeedFusion ® technology, we are able to create a reliable multisite network even where bandwidth is scarce.


Our team is skilled in the design and implementation of a mobile communications systems that is capable of transmitting patient records and essential data using Peplink and Pepwave devices. SpeedFusion ® creates a secure site-to-site VPN while eliminating downtime and increasing bandwidth. The technology combines the bandwidth of all WAN connections to deliver high-speed, reliable, and very secure networking. The Pepwave routers bond cellular connections from multiple providers to deliver maximum bandwidth and stability in areas where cellular coverage is poor. And when the mobile clinics are working in areas with Wi-Fi, the MAX’s Wi-Fi as WAN feature provides the vehicles with equally reliable access.


  • Reliable Connectivity for internet and EMR
  • Increased Upload capabilities for sending large files
  • VoIP quality network connection
  • Extension of corporate office for firewall and network security
  • Minimal total cost of ownership
  • Medical Center owns the hardware
  • No Monthly Recurring costs for bonding or VPN

Herbert Wertheim college of Medicine at Florida International University purchased a Mammography van to provide confident service to our community. The van was a great technology, but the issue that we had was transferring large size DICOM data across the wireless Internet to our datacenter. We tried different wireless technology such as CradlePoint router, but it did not accomplished our goals. We contacted West Networks and they helped us to accomplish our goal using the Peplink routers. They configured the Peplink routers in both mammography van and datacenter and we were able to successfully transfer large size DICOM data to our datacenter. We love the technology West Networks offers and decided to replace the wireless routers in all our clinical van with Peplink routers. – Rodolfo Carbonell