Weird Wired Network Issue

Using a Surf Soho at a remote site. No VPN. Something seems out of wack with the basic wired networking. I have laptop set to DHCP and a LifeSize Video conference unit set to a Static IP both connected via ethernet. From the laptop I can connect to the LifeSize unit’s web interface, ping it etc. I can also ping the laptop from the LifeSize interface. I can’t however ping the address of the Surf Soho Router from the LifeSize interface. I also can’t ping the LifeSize from the Surf Soho.

Steps take so far to troubleshoot:

  1. Set LifeSize to DHCP - LifeSize unit does not pick up address. Surf Soho Client List shows it obtaining an address but it has an status of inactive.
  2. Changed Network port speed in Surf Soho to 100 Mb full duplex (the Max speed of the LifeSize unit) - No change
  3. Changed Network port speed in LifeSize from Auto to 100Mb full - No change
  4. With port speed set to 100 Mb full in LifeSize change it from Static IP to DHCP - LifeSize Unit does not pick up address.
  5. Swap Surf Soho Network ports with the Laptop and LifeSize unit - No Change. Laptop still works on other Surf Soho port.

Not sure how to proceed. Network cable to LifeSize unit seems to be good as I can connect to it from the laptop via the web panel. The LifeSize unit just doesn’t want to talk to the Surf Soho. It’s like its blacklisted it’s MAC Address. Our Surf Soho is running Firmware 6.3.0 build 1967. Connected to Internet via DSL Modem connected to WAN Port. Using PPPoE for on Internet connection.

I looks like my issue is the 6.3.0 build 1967 bug mentioned in this thread

My Surf Soho is at a remote site, using a PPPoE connection, so I’m wondering if rebooting to 6.2.2 or upgrading to the test build posted in the other thread will erase settings as that would break my Internet connection.

In either case your settings will remain intact.

New to Peplink. I went to Incontrol2 interface for the Surf Soho and went to firmware management. Selected Custom and put in the link for the test firmware. I have the upgrade only box checked and Update time set to immediately. After saving the settings the web interface in the Surf Soho shows the firmware is assigned, but doesn’t look like it applied. I must be missing a step?

OK. Unchecked the Upgrade Only box in InControl panel and looks like it’s updating now.


Just want to check the issue solved by using firmware v6.3.0s013 build 1996 ?

Thank You

Thanks Sit. It does look like the firmware fixed the issue.