Weird Routing Issue with Speedfusion

This is my active sessions for SIP. I am sending my VoIP subnet out locally though and this is what it shows me in my session. I have never seen this before with the “inbound” and thse 2 phones are complaining of call quality. How is it even possible for this to happen if I am forcing my VoIP subnet out locally?

It looks like those two are coming in over the VPN connection and that is why they are showing up as inbound sessions.

How is this possible if I have told my 210 to route out locally? I have switched back and forth tons of times between sending all my UDP VoIP traffic through VPN and then outbound and I have never seen this. The phones communicate to a Hosted Server? I also rebooted the phones and the issue still occurs. The terminating end of the vpn is a balance 380 in this office. I am a bit confused.