Webcams and replacing netgear consumer routers

Hi Forum, need your help:

I have 2 DSL & 1 Cable modems, all in DHCP mode. Each provide about 20Mx10M on good days.
I have 30 Axis webcams for our company, which connect to a remote server to then make viewable on our website.
I have 3 Netgear consumer routers (,, which I use to help spread out the bandwidth and allow for employees to also use the net.
All 3 routers go to a 24 port unmanaged Netgear switch which goes to the cams and wired connections for company computers.


  1. To make these Axis webcams work, Netgear consumer routers use “port forwarding”. I have to give each camera a static IP, and then assign ports. However, I’m not clear as to the best way to do this with Peplink. What section of the GUI controls this?

  2. I want the Peplink to replace all of my consumer routers. Is this possible? Is it a good idea? Or should I only use Peplink to do smart load balancing?

  3. Does Peplink do Parental Controls like Netgear consumer routers? Where is this located?

Hi Dan-

Sounds like the Peplink Balance is a great fit for your network. On the Balance 210 and above, the port forwarding is configured under Inbound Access. You would first define the “Servers” (these are the static IP’s assigned to the cameras). Then you would set up the “Services” (the actual port forward rules).

You could certainly replace your 3 consumer routers with 1 Peplink Balance router, this will actually be much easier to manage. I recommend the Balance 305 for you.

We do not offer any type of parental controls on our routers.