Web filtering


We would like to block sites that include context of sex, violence and other…
Is there an option to create a feature request of web filtering by keyword?


Thank you for the feature request and we’ll certainly take a look into it as currently we are not able to block by keywords or strings.

Hi Sharon, the easiest way to do that currently is with DNS based web filtering. I wrote an article about that recently that you might find useful http://www.martinlangmaid.com/blog/provide-web-filtering-peplink-networks/


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Hi @MartinLangmaid,
are you still using this technique to filter bad keywords nowadays?
I have read somewhere that HTTPS searches will bypass filters… true?

For now we use:

  • Google safeDNSs (will limit offensive content)
  • Peplink content blocking

So, in this scenario, what kind of keyword filtering could we set?