Web Content Blocking - peplink 20

Experts, I am new to peplink 20 and since I have been using it for 20 minutes I dont see any advance options for web content blocking. This device is being using and replaced with old ASA55XX and I dont see too much I can do about web content filter for example how can I block “pornography”?

I see firewall>content blocking> web blocking but from what I see I can only add custom domains and no key word like “pornography” - I must be missing something.

I have forget to add I am using firmware 7.0 whatever was the newest.

@MST Web Filtering Blacklist based on categories are not extended to all Balance models. As per our comparison chart, and the following topic, at this moment what you’re looking for is only available from Balance One onwards.

I see, thank you. One more question for users being able to use L2TP vpn, I have to access Remote user access only right? And only 2 users can use at the same time ? - according spreadsheet ?