Web Blocking

We have made some configuration using the web blocking function but when I set locked pages the BR1 does not make the changes and continue browsing?

This happens for http and https urls.


Another related question, How do I can set the wildcards?

For example: .youtube. in order to block:


Hi Joel,

Please take note Web Blocking only blocks Http URL.

Can you share which URL you try to block but not successful?

Hi Joel,

You may apply your wildcard like this - youtube.*

Hi TK Liew,

When I try to save an URL using a wildcard, I receive the following error:

Here is the firmware version:

Hi Joel,

This is known issue on v6.1.2 and was rectified in v6.2 GA. v6.2 GA to be available in Q1 2015.

You may try v6.2b03 if needed. The fixed already there.