Web Admin site slow and throttling internet

I have been using the Pepwave Max BR1 MK2 for two weeks and doing great. Then yesterday the internet speed dropped to .5 mbps.

Thought it was the cellular so switched SIMs. Same issue. (Bars are great) And the admin site takes forever to load. I’ve tried restarting many times and also updated the firmware. When the admin site freezes it displays this error: Unable to reach web admin. Connecting in 30s.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Nat,
I would suggest a full hard reset first (paper clip held in the reset button hole on the front for a slow 10 count). Then check the power - are you using the AC mains adapter or are you on a vehicle battery?

If that doesn’t clear it grab a diagnostic when you can and log a ticket with Peplink Engineering.

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Thanks for the reply Martin!

It’s working now. Not sure why. Does the power source effect performance? The problems started after we’d be using our RV batteries for a couple days and they ran out of juice. It is a 12V to AC inverter system. Now that we’re plugged in at a campsite, it’s been fine.

Also, seems like there’s a hardware issue with the reset button.

Hello and Good Day

Is that inverter a pure sine wave inverter?
Many electronics and even wall warts won’t operate properly
unless on a pure sine wave inverter.