Web Admin Dashboard has a resource leak

I have noticed this for a while, on my Surf SOHO if I leave the the dashboard up for an extended length of time on either Chrome or Safari they will eventually shut the page down with an out of memory error.

The little debugging I did didn’t show anything obvious but I think its related to the cpu usage bar updating constantly and some reference not being released.

Do you have detail info for this and about how long the issue will happen ? If you found the issue, did you try to open different browser for the WebAdmin Dashboard did you able to access the WebAdmin page ?

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It takes a few hours to happen, its a small leak.

Just open up Chrome and leave it on the dashboard all day, it will error out.

If you open up the dev tool and do a memory profile you can see it slow growing forever.

Refresh the page is fine, as the browser cleans up and starts over, its purely a client side issue with your javascript that updates the UI constantly.

Not a big deal, but annoying I like the leave the dashboard up in a tab to quickly check on the the router status as needed.

Thanks for reporting this. Engineering aware of this problem. We will keep improving the performance of the page. I would suggest accessing the Web Admin when needed. Anyway, are you trying to monitoring something from the Web Admin? I am interested in your used case.


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I use my SOHO in an RV connected to a Jetpack through USB and using WiFI wan when available. I keep the page up in a tab to quickly check the WAN status and see current througput and since you guys haven’t addressed the WiFi wan scanning issue I can quickly enable/disable WiFi wan manually when moving out of range or otherwise having issues with it.