Weak Security on Connection vis WiFi

We have a Max Duo that we’ve been using for almost a year.

When we connect to it via wifi on our Mac or iPhones, they always say that the connection has “weak security.”

How can we resolve this?

Thanks in advance!

HI and welcome to the forum.

That message is your apple devices moaning that the wifi connection is only using WPA2 and not WPA3 for authentication.

To fix it, edit your SSID security settings and change the security policy to WPA3.


Thank you!

Please check this for yourself to verify, but I think you will get this message only when you drop down to WPA (not WPA2). My wife has an older printer that doesn’t support even WPA2, and we got the Apple-sourced message when I changed wifi security down to WPA, not WPA2/WPA3, to accommodate it. If you have devices that can’t support WPA3, it would be better to use WPA2/WPA3 rather than going all the way back to WPA (or lower). BTW, we live on an island with four residents so I’m not terribly worried that someone will break into our wifi network with its “weak” security, but I guess it’s nice of Apple to warn us.

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If you need to support older devices, it is better to have a separate SSID for just those systems.

Your security posture will determine if you use the same VLAN or have a separate Vlan for the legacy devices.

I have a Canon printer that will not join a WPA3/WPA2 network, so it has its own WPA2 only SSID.