We need a QOS setting based on data downloaded


I run a large network on a limited bandwidth and I’ve noticed some home routers allow for QOS settings based on data downloaded. This allows the first X amount of megabytes to be transmitted at a higher priority than the subsequent data. A solution like this would be ideal, since most people surfing the web will not be slowed down by people downloading larger files. Also, a priority based on destination IP address or domain might be a reasonable workaround. The way it currently stands, I cannot prioritize web traffic being transmitted through port 80, as it is all handled the same.


The great thing about port 80 traffic is that it is very seldom tied to an IP for security or application comparability. Set up a weighted balance for 1:1:1 (however many WAN links). This is a round robin setup that I have been using and it works well. It doesn’t work for many protocols, but port 80 is a champ. Another candidate is NTP. Basically, quick and non-secure transactions work well with the round robin stuff.


I’m also interested in this feature.