WDS broken or degraded in v3.5.2

I have one AP One AC Mini directly connected to a Balance One, and two AP One Flex 300M’s that are connected via WDS to extend my network outside.

I upgraded the two AP One Flex 300M’s from 3.4.x to 3.5.2. I then upgraded the AP One AC Mini to 3.5.2, and WDS stopped working reliably. Both of the remote AP One Flex’s showed as connected to the AP One AC Mini but at super low, and I couldn’t connect to them.

I reverted the AP One AC Mini back to 3.5.0 build 1452 and things work great.

Is there something that changed for WDS?


Can you provide screen shots of your WDS settings for AP One AC Mini and AP One Flex 300M?

Thank you.

Hello. The remote site where this equipment is is not accessible right now. I hope it will be reachable in a day or so, and will get screen shots.

I’m using a fixed channel for WDS, 2Ghz, and no encryption, if that helps.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the info. I need to know the MAC address you configured in WDS as well.

Here is a screen shot of the WDS settings on the AP One AC mini:

Here’s a screen shot of one of the AP One Flex’s configuration. This works fine under the previous code revision, although I am also seeing some strange performance degradation out of the Ap One Flex.

Hi Steve,

Please revert AP One AC Mini back to v3.5.2 then ensure Mac Addresses are correct. Please find the screen shot below. Please take note Local Mac Address of first WDS profile always end with character “F”.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. This configuration has worked for over a year prior to this software upgrade, and I followed your online documentation.

I am not changing MAC addresses on a remote site to remote APs that will be completely disconnected permanently with out a lot more explanation.

None of my local MAC addresses end in F.

Is this behavior you have changed in this release?

Hi Steve,

Please help to verify the Mac Address of AP One AC Mini when you establish WDS in v3.5.2. Please find the screen shot for AC Mini for v3.5.0 and v3.5.1 and above.

WDS for AC Mini v3.5.0

WDS for AC Mini v3.5.1 and above

Ok, so you did change behavior. After the upgrade, the MAC address changes?

Why in the world would you do that? I can’t upgrade until I go back out to each of the remote units and PLUG DIRECTLY IN AND CHANGE THE MAC?!

Hi Steve,

There is some changes on WDS between v3.5.0 and v3.5.1.

If your remote APs are under warranty, you may access it via Remote Admin on InControl2 then make changes in WDS.

I don’t understand what you are saying above - if I upgrade the main AP, neither of the two via WDS will ever be able to reach InControl2 to be configured.

Also, I am unclear as to what is going on here - I rebooted into 3.5.2 and I see TWO different MAC addresses for the local MAC address of the main AP unit. Is this correct? Each of the remote units will have a different MAC address that they are trying to bind to, or is there a single MAC address that I should be using?

Understand I am being very careful as if I do this in the wrong order, I will render one or more of the remote AP’s completely unreachable, and it’s a 3 hour drive and hike out into the wilderness to fix this.

Hi Steve,

2 local Mac Addresses for AC Mini above are correct. I assume 00:1A: DD:C5:B8:60 and 00:1A: DD:C5:A4:C0 are correct Mac Addresses for WDS on both AP One Flex 300M.

So please AP One Flex (00:1A: DD:C5:B8:60) point to 00:1A: DD:E4:11:6F and another AP One Flex (00:1A: DD:C5:A4:C0) point to 00:1A: DD:E4:11:6E.

I’m still confused as to why there are two separate MAC addresses, and why it changed from earlier versions. At the least, it would be good to amend the release notes that if you’re using WDS, you will lose connectivity to remote units until you reconfigure them.

I have added these MAC addresses on the remote units as a second address for WDS, then rebooted the main AP one AC mini, and everything has reconnected. All units are running 3.5.x now.

Thank you for your help.

WDS has proven to be wildly unreliable in this version. In the last 3 days, both Flex’s have disconnected repeatedly over and over, and reconnected randomly.

I’m going to undo the configuration I added, and hope that they come back on the network, and downgrade back to 3.4/3.5.

Hi Steve,

Please download diagnostic report when you having problem on WDS (preffered both units) then submit ticket for us to investigate.

Thank you.