WAN1 Returns with WAN2 IP After ISP Failure?

sorry to bother you but I joined today and have this question, but I do not know how to post it, I do not know what username to enter to send it to all members as a question

I have a peplink 30 wan port 1 goes to ISP 1 Via a ADSL modem, wan port 2 goes to ISP 2 via a ADSL modem, Wan port 1 keeps dropping due to failed heath check supposedly but when it recover it has an IP address used by the other ISP, I have to drop WAN 1 and connect again several time until wan 1 comes back with an IP from the correct ISP, any ideas
Regards Graham

I move your question to a new thread, Graham :slight_smile: you are always welcome to start a new thread on a new topic/question that is not been discussed before.

What you are experiencing is a bit strange. I don’t think I have come across anything like it. Could you please grab a diagnostic report and open a support ticket with us at http://www.peplink.com/contact/support/?