WAN with /30 for PTP and /27 for clients

Getting a new fiber connection and am getting a different IP setup than my current two WANs. This time around, it is a bit more “traditional” and the ISP is assigning me a /30 for the point to point connection to them and then giving me a /27 from a totally different block to assign to my clients.

While I have set this up on a Mikrotik in the past, I have not done non-continuous blocks of IPs on a Peplink. While I get the /30 - that is a simple static IP setting for that WAN port, can I simply add the /27 IPs to the list of Additional Public IP Addresses even though they are not in the same block as the /30?

Using NAT mode you can add the additional block of IPs to the WAN interface and configure NAT mappings to the LAN clients.

You are correct, just configure the WAN with the /30 and define the other /27 as additional public IP’s for the WAN connection. Thanks.

Thanks. Assuming I need to leave out the NETWORK IP of the /27 as assignable, right? If I am assigned - as my /27, I enter the .32 as the “IP Address” with a /27 subnet in the Peplink or use .33 as the “IP Address” with a /27 subnet? Does Peplink take the first address entered in that list and make it the “network” or since it is NAT mode, I don’t need to define a network…

Since it is NAT mode you don’t need to define it as a separate network. Thanks.