Wan will not reconnect after ISP is disconnected

My balance 20 BPL_021will not reconnect to the ISP. If the unit switches over to the mobile WAN. The Bal. 20 fails to fallback to the ISP when the wan cable is restored. I will not succeed in getting a health test from the ISP, on the dashboard it is showing connecting. No ip address. It will not give me the option to ping my modem at on the system page under TOOLS (ping).
I have spent many fruitless hours on the Wan connection settings page changing everything I could think of trying to get it to work this includes the connection method the DNS servers at every possible combination of health check settings. I really need some Guidance. Hardware Revision

I have a Netgear CM100 that is connected to comcast .

The only way I can restore the Balance 20 WAN to the ISP modem is completely remove power from the balance 20 and the modem and restart them both,. at that point after everything is back up it is talking to the IPS modem.


Would you please open a ticket for support team to check ? Based on description, suspecting Ethernet WAN failed to obtain IP from CM100. May need to check from the device in-order to confirm.

Thank you for your email and quick response. I am working up support now.

Larry Broudy.