WAN priority without pepvpn, and cellular bonded failover

I’m doing video streaming and I’d like to setup my router to have my WAN port as primary without a VPN (because it’s behind a firewall and I don’t have access to open ports). However I want a failover to dual cellular speedfusion.

How would I set this up. Currently I have WAN and dual cellular on VPN, but WAN isn’t connecting because the firewall.

I can turn off the speedfusion connection and only use WAN and it works, but then no failover.

I’m sure my main confusion is the various priority settings: outbound rules, VPN setup, and on the WAN tab of network.

How do each of these interact and how do I get this working as I’ve described?

Its surprising that it doesn’t work since if you are streaming out from this device you shouldn’t have to open any ports. What are you creating a Speedfusion VPN to?

  1. Put all WANs in Priority 1 on the dashboard.
  2. Edit the VPN profile to only use the cellular links.
  3. Create an outbound policy as type priority and put the WAN at the top then drag the VPN connection in under it.

Thanks for the reply. This makes sense. What I still don’t understand is the dashboard priority vs the SpeedFusion profile priority. I’m pretty much always using Speedfusion Cloud, and I’d like to be able to easily change priority of my WAN devices. I like the idea of moving around the dashboard priority, but does this affect the VPN profile’s priority settings? Basically, I’d like to know how these two areas interact with each other. Does VPN profile override the dashboard priority when I’m connecting to the VPN?

Dashboard priority = which connection does the device as a whole use. This function is technically used by everyone. You are deciding which connections should be used first, or telling the device to use all available connections at once. This is the base layer.

SpeedFusion Priority - Think of this like VPN running on top of the existing device. Everything else is the base layer, and this is the frosting on the top of the cake. It has it’s own set of priorities as to what connections it should be using, but it can only use connections that are enabled on the base layer.

If a VPN profile is set to use a connection called WAN3 and then you disable WAN3 on the dashboard, the VPN can’t use it anymore.

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perfect. That clears it up!