WAN Port Activation - is there a way to turn ON and OFF?

hello, have this requirement where balance router is used on an event.
Some event will require more WAN ports and some event will require more LAN ports.
Is there a way to turn ON and OFF this WAN Port Activation license?
maybe to be forwarded to feature requests… thanks

There is no way to turn off WAN Port Activation license. Once you activated it, you can’t revert back to the previous condition.

Does WAN port activation license keeps working, when firmware has beed updated for 5.x to 6.1.x (especially on out-of-warranty products)?

WAN port activation license is permanent and it requires firmware version 6.3.1 or later to activate it.

If I purchase third-wan activation licence for Balance 210 hardware version 3 (in old-style enclosure 4 LAN + 2 WAN), which port will be WAN3

Only hardware version 4 is capable of activating the 3rd WAN port.

Noticed that once WAN Port is activated, even though you can switch the WANs to use as LANs, those three ports appear to no longer support the VLAN features and trunking, yet the remain five ports when running in LAN do. Not sure if anyone else has seen or experienced this.
Thanks :slight_smile:

May I know any reason you need to active the WAN port license for LAN1-3 while you need to use these 3 ports as LAN?

Once the license is activated the LAN 1-3 become permanent WAN ports and cannot be used as LAN ports. Thanks.

Hi Tim
Please consider having a “use this WAN port as LAN” for LAN 1-3 as some installs will only need an extra one or two WANs.

Also, could you get some stickers made up which go over the LAN port names and rename them WAN 3 -5?

Thank You