WAN on LAN 1 on MAX HD2 mini LTE

I Have a MAX HD2 mini LTE
how do I change LAN 1 to a WAN ?

If memory serves correctly we had to go into Network Tab, Click Port Settings, then uncheck WAN Enable box. Save and Apply Changes.


Thanks for reply.
I see your PS but it was the other way I want to to do. To make a WAN on LAN1
In WEB interface for my MAX HD2 mini LTE says I can change a LAN port to a WAN port but where and how. (Yellow / Green text i bottom of screen )

Oh then select the check box instead. Save and Apply.

No place to do that

The little line at bottom suggests it is already configured as WAN. Click WAN on left now.

Wait, reread your original post. Are you trying to give yourself two WAN in addition to the two cellular connections? I don’t believe that is an option for this unit. Not seeing it in the options list.

yes and I´m asking becuse this on screen.

@Vendbo, the HD2 Mini has a USB port so if you grab a USB-to-Ethernet adapter you can easily add an additional WAN that way.