WAN interface not coming online straight away

We’ve never had much luck with PepWaves working out on site, so i’ve finally been able to get a test device onsite, and have come across the issue we have been having.

The device is a MAX-BR1-LTE-E device (running 6.1.2 build 1704)

The site is on generator power, so loses power at night, and comes back online in the morning. When it comes back online, it seems like the “WAN” (4G) device is not detected. I tried numerous reboots, but no luck.

I downloaded some screenshots and also a diagnostic report while it was “broken”.

I then checked back after an hour, and the WAN device was now detected and working fine. Again i have screenshots and device reports.

Any ideas?


PepWave-Eventlog-Working.jpg = ShowsAttachments.zip (388 KB) the device coming online just under an hour after it was last restarted.
PepWave-Dashboard - NoDetected.jpg = Shows the dashboard showing the device Not Detected.
Broken-20120101_mbr1_2830E2E0ADB2_diag.report = Diagnostics Report while the device was broken.
Working-20141218_mbr1_2830E2E0ADB2_diag.report = Diagnostics Report after the device started working.


The described scenario seems little bit weird from the usual case, where in normal condition the 4G LTE service should be available within a minute once the unit online.

We will be looking into your case, and revert to you soon.

Optionally, you can log a support ticket here, so our support team could follow up closely on your issue.

Thanks and regards.

Thanks WeiMing.

I’ll log a support ticket now.