WAN Health Check - On the PING Check allow admin to set a threshold on latency

I need the ability to set my health check on my cellular WAN connection so when it does a ping test that it also confirms that the latency is less or greater than a number I specify.

Just because I can get a response on the the ping does it mean that connection has a strong enough signal to handle my needs. It may be that I want to disable that WAN if the latency is greater than say 100ms. It seems like an easy condition to add as an option to the PING test since that information is natively returned by almost all ICMP commands. If similar conditions could be added to other health checks I think that would be valuable as well.

My device is a Pepwave Max700


Got you Bryce, but on top of my head, for session-based load balancing, this could do more harm than good - setting latency too low will result in a jumpy cellular connection and setting it too high will be not be effective.

Hi Kurt ,

At least some form of monitoring for WAN links latency and packet drop rate should be existed. something like the one you have implemented on firmware 5.4 for Site to Site VPNs.
Then the network admin could decide to keep the WAN link with high latency or temporary disconnect it to resolve the problem by ISP.


Yes that makes sense. Thanks Hootan.