WAN failed SmartCheck-blinking green light-TMobile

HI all- I have been using the maxtransit duo pepwave router. IT has worked great for the first 2 weeks, today is my first problem.

I have two data sim cards, verizon and t-mobile. This morning, the cellular one green light started blinking (t-mobile) and when I sign into the admin council it says: WAN failed SmartCheck.

What is going on? Thanks!

Smartcheck tests to see if there is an internet connection. It doesn’t think there is so has marked the cellular connection as unhealthy. Maybe you have eaten through your data allowance?

Try disabling health check on cell1 and disabling cell2 and then browse the internet - what do you see?

Here in the UK, mobile operators will sometimes redirect all traffic to a page that says ‘add (pay for) more data’. Smartcheck will detect this and mark the link as unhealthy.