WAN devices no longer show on Dashboard

I am using a HW V1 SoHo running 6.2.2 1790.

For the third time now, the unit will stop responding via http/https and the android/iphone apps, sometimes it throws a 504, other times it gets stuck loading the initial dashboard page. CPU is pegged at 95+%. Device was still (somewhat) routing traffic, albeit slowly. I could still access my CPE internal web page (192.168.x.x) to verify traffic.

Power cycled unit after an hour in this zombie like state.

Now after power cycling, the unit will display the dashboard page via web but no WAN devices, Apps on iphone and android both show WAN devices.

Device will spike at 97% CPU and then go back to 13-18%. No WAN devices show up in the dashboard screen. Network->WAN also shows no devices.

Logs show nothing anomalous.

Tried to save and refresh my configuration from the System screen, no change.

Rebooted via both power cycling the unit and also via the System page, no delta.

Disabled my PepVPN link with my OTG device, no change.

Last two times its done this I have used the paperclip and reset the unit, but if my current configuration is corrupted, then my backup tonight is probably bad also.

Configuration was ethernet WAN, WiFi backup and a Sprint U770 as tertiary. None of these come up on the web admin portal.

Help? Ideas?


I suspect some problem with the UI. Please help to upgrade this firmware to confirm this will help.

Performed a manual firmware upgrade. Took two tries to get the device to take the 6.3 firmware.

No change. WAN devices still do not show in the dashboard or WAN submenu.

Web UI is still frustratingly slow.

Please open a support ticket with us here so we can get this resolved for you.

My ticket got handed off to the reseller I purchased my device from.

In further testing, the device appears to have a heat or other stress related issue. After removing the device from production (throwing in an old CP1200b with lousy wifi range) and leaving it unplugged for 8 hours, restoring the prior configuration download yields a device that boots and shows the available WAN ports. However, this device will not be going back into production. I put a BalanceOne with WiFi into our capex budget for later this year, but I am a little apprehensive now with build quality. I expected more than two years we got out of this device.

This seems to have started 6-7 months ago and it finally passed off the event horizon. Thanks for looking into things.



We need your help to create ticket for us to take closer look. Please help to download Diagnostic Report as well when you submit the ticket.

Thank you.