Wake on LAN from the Web Admin


I have a Peplink Balance 210 running on our office. I think a very useful feature to have would be the ability to send a Wake on LAN magic packet to any client registered on the DHCP Reservation List, from the Client List page on the Web Admin interface.

That way, offline clients could be brought online easily by the network administrator, especially when accessing it through the VPN, without the need of 3rd party tools on the LAN or having to check for the client’s IP and MAC addresses.

Thank you.

This could be handy yes. Anyone else with similar requirement?

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Yes, is a nice feature. For large networks.

Would be extremely helpful.

I think this would be a great addition as well, particularly for remote sites. There seems to be a lot of variables involved in routing WOL packets, so it would be ideal to be able to originate them from the router directly onto the local network. I haven’t been able to get WOL working remotely via PPTP VPN.

Hi, I also think this is a very useful idea!

6.3.0 Beta includes Wake-On-Lan; for those who are interested, please try it out.

The tool is under web admin: System->Tools->Wake-on-LAN

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I don’t have a spare Peplink router for experimenting with, so I am forced to ask a question.

When configuring this feature it would be VERY helpful if we could assign user friendly names to the MAC addresses of devices we want to wake up. That is, something like “Susans workstation” or “Mac server2”. Has it been implemented this way?

Someone else suggested tying this to DHCP reservations. Not all of us use this feature. In fact, some of us use static IPs as a way of grouping like devices. On my networks the only devices I would want to wake up remotely, are those with static IPs.

Oh, and thanks for adding this, its a great feature to have.

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Its done by MAC address populated from your client list. Also able to manually enter a MAC address

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It is better if it can set schedule to WOL client PC.