VZW MiFI 6620l Tethering with PEPWAVE Surf Solo


I live in a rural area and only have one option for wired internet. Since I can only max out at ~500kbps I wanted a better solution. I have a MiFi 4G jetpack that provides great internet speed and reliability but wanted to connect an IP phone and wired desktop.

What I want to do is cancel my wired ISP and then use the MiFi as the ISP tethered to the Surf Solo via USB. I have scoured over this forum and made sure the IP address range was changed to the 10. network and also changed my jetpack to USB tethering. After reboots of each device the Surf Solo is just not seeing the jetpack as the ISP source. Firmware build on Surf Sol is 6.3.3 build 1068

Also in the main Dashboard withing the Admin app. The WAN setting states “No Cable Connected” and the WiFI-WAN states “Disabled”

Any ideas?


That modem is supported starting with Modem Support Package 1017. You can check this on the Status page.

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