Vpn via UDP


it is possible to force peplink vpn using UDP only? because before i have openvpn much faster transfer and now using new peplink reduce to 20% speed



For SF/PepVPN it will need to Establish using TCP 32015. If you could provide more information on your setup/testing we can certainly take a look.

If you want to get into more detail feel free to open up a ticket with us as well:


i think my vpn is improved now i set priority the main office WAN1 and remote location WAN1 which is this pldt isp same ASN the main office wan1 and remote wan1 is the shortest path. before the problem is the vpn routed in the WAN2 which in the remote location is difrent ISP check below diagram. anyway do you have any tutorial how to drop all port except neccessary port let say i want to allow http, https, mail port and the rest is drop in outbound rule


main office
WAN2=GLOBE lines

remote office
WAN2=estern telecoms


Believe you still refer to the SpeedFusion/PepVPN connection between main and remote office by allowing needed ports only. If so, you may use Internal Network Firewall Rules (Network > Access Rules > Internal Network Firewall Rules) to allow/block the services.