VPN-to-Site issues

My end goal is to connect 3 WAN connections (Peplink 310) at head quarters to an off site location (peplink 210). I want all traffic created at head quarters to be tunneled to the offsite location and then out to the internet.

I’m not 100% sure if that is possible, but so far I am just having issues getting the two routers to have a connection established via VPN.

Right now both routers are set up with just WAN 1, rest disabled. On each end i put in the respective IP address/ Serial number and click complete and apply changes. They both infinantly say “connecting…”

Brings up a question if the offsite location is behind a firewall and if the ports are bloked to create the VPN connection.

Which rasies another question if there is a way I can set the Peplink 310 to acccept VPN requests and to have the peplink 210 (offsite) intiate the connection. (this is the opposite of my final goal but for sake of testing how the VPN-To-Site connections work I figured I could bypass any firewall issues on the offsite by checking to see if that end could intiate the connecion)

Which brings up, is that possible to do either of these things? Do both ends have to be interlinked and can we tunnel all traffic in this fashion. Please help.

Peplink Site-to-Site VPN can passthrough the NAT. First, please make sure you are using the latest firmware 5.2.2. Second, if you have a firewall infront of Peplink, please make sure the firewall allows both incoming and outgoing for TCP 32015 and UDP 32015.

By default, you can just specify public IP or domain name of remote peers as “Peer Addresses” in Site-to-Site VPN setting page, the VPN tunnel should be connected in case the firewall allows the TCP/UDP ports that mentioned above (if firewall exists)

If you want to route all Internet traffic from your headquarters to another location over VPN, you can use add a Outbound Policy with “Priority” or “Enforce” algorithm and select VPN connection as outgoing destination.